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What does the number 101,000,000 mean to you?

For us and many companies, it is the number of results that appear in less than 1 second when you google search “Workplace Collaboration”. So how in the world do you know which pieces of information are right for you, especially when they all tell you something different?


Collaboration is not about finding some research, buying some furniture and crossing your fingers. Every company is different and that means the way you collaborate is different. There is not a one size fits all solution. You must evaluate your company culture and think about what you want the next 5-10 years to look like. You need to think about how your employees work and you must gain input from your employees as to how they could work more efficiently.

As I am sure you have all heard, there is a younger generation out there forcing companies to rethink their environments, but what is the best way to go about it? How can you create the perfect space to force collaboration and also attract new talent?

If you were hoping for a quick and simple answer at the end of this post like you may find in one of the 101,000,000 articles in your google search, you are going to be disappointed. Our answer is self-evaluation and change management. Each company is different and so each process may be different.

Facilitec has handled several large company environment and culture changes. We have the resources to help your company properly evaluate your internal culture and develop a solution that is right for you! We encourage you to find someone who has been where your company is going and promises to help you get there, not someone who already has a solution before they have even listened.

Don’t stress out, this change is good. The result is a happy, creative, collaborative environment where talented people would love to work.

Posted on August 10, 2015 in Collaboration

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