Introducing “Journal” by Teknion

Journal by Teknion

When was the last time someone in your office extolled the virtues of teamwork? Probably 5 minutes ago. Collaboration has gone from being a buzzword to being the gospel of work. And with good reason. Innovation research over the past decade has repeatedly shown that breakthroughs happen when people gather together with different ideas and perspectives to solve a problem.

But how do people come up with the ideas to bounce off collaborators? Often by working alone, without distraction. Collaboration can be the enemy of focus. For fulfilling, fruitful work to take place, most people need periods of both solitude and collaboration everyday.

Office furniture design has witnessed both extremes. The standard workplace layout many decades ago featured private offices and few communal spaces except the break room. Work happened behind closed doors, and was presented at scheduled group meetings. Serendipitous encounters were rare. The recent past brought us open work pods, where all conversations and activities were public affairs. Space for contemplation was rarely designated. Neither scenario proves ideal for productivity or happiness.

Today, brilliant furniture designers recognize humanity’s dueling need for collaboration and concentration. Chris Wright and Steve Tsai have found a way to fuse both goals into the same furniture suite. They designed Journal, for Teknion, as a way to address both individual and group needs in an office setting.

Journal by Teknion

Journal by Teknion

Journal is one of the most flexible sets of furniture we’ve seen. We’re excited about it, and know our clients will be too. Journal’s components include desks, credenzas, cabinets, freestanding and stackable storage, run-offs and returns – all classic pieces, certainly. But Wright and Tsai tucked design features into the pieces that are anything but traditional. Rather, the duo built in convenient ways to allow users to move, adjust and alter the furnishings to fit the moment’s work flow. A Journal table, for example, can be height-adjusted to serve as a lounge table, a seated or a standing desk. A bench that slides discreetly under a credenza when not in use can be effortlessly moved into action for occasional seating when colleagues arrive.

The ultimate in versatility, Journal pieces can be moved around to create private zones, public zones and areas for a bit of both, reflecting the ideal work flow between quiet thought and collaborative discussion.

Like all Teknion products, Journal has an elegant, modern aesthetic. The pieces are available in Fleetwood or Natural veneers. Journal elements can accommodate monitors and screens, and have file and paper storage accessories.

Please call us at Facilitec St. Louis for more information on Teknion’s Journal. We’re thrilled to introduce you to it.

Posted on May 30, 2015 in Private Office, Products

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