Height-Adjustable Tables

The Livello Height-Adjustable Bench
The Livello Height-Adjustable Bench

The Livello Height-Adjustable Bench conforms to each employee’s height needs.

NeoCon is the largest commercial interiors show in North America. Each year, 50,000 design professionals converge on Chicago’s Merchandise Mart to experience the latest trends and ideas in corporate furnishings.

One of this year’s coolest NeoCon enhancements, according to Brian Randazzo, Facilitec St. Louis’s Sales Manager, is Height Adjustable Tables. They are not a new idea and like most NeoCon “hot items” they don’t seem to be a fleeting trend. There are a few compelling reasons to consider these marvels of office comfort and productivity for your workplace.

“I don’t think it’s a trend,” said Randazzo. “As you look at the health movement across the board, all the research on the health effects of sitting all day force you to consider alternative options for your employees.”

Teknion offered multiple products to help provide options in any office setting. They showed an Expansion Casegoods private office that was cleanly integrated with a height adjustable surface, the Livello™ Height-Adjustable Bench was perfect for an open  floorplan and they also showed how they could integrate sit to stand solutions in a more traditional workstation.

Put away everything you know about your workstation and consider how a sit to stand solution could enhance your employees’ health and happiness.


Posted on June 25, 2015 in Ergonomic, Height Adjustable

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