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Edgewell Personal Care

SCOPE Edgewell was breaking away from the Energizer brand and was looking for a space to show off their new identity. They wanted a magnetic environment for their employees. The workstations would be smaller but in return they would offer more private meeting spaces and open collaboration areas. Technology was enhanced and users could work in any…

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NISA Investment Advisors

SCOPE Employee recruitment, employee retention, company culture, health and wellness, and a magnetic space; these were all factors that were considered when NISA evaluated their space. They wanted a space that their employees wanted to come to each day and that would help them attract the best of the best.   FACILITEC SOLUTION St. Louis…

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navigating facilitec

Navigating the New FACILITEC-STL.COM

Welcome to the new This is about sharing with you our talented, dedicated team of designers, installers and project managers. It’s about the limitless possibilities realized when beautiful design meets productive function in the workplace. Explore our product lines, read our blog… we want to share with you our stories and our approach. And…

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Cooper Bussmann

SCOPE Imagine coming to work one morning and discovering water had geysered up through the floor, seriously damaging your office. Our client, Cooper Bussmann, experienced such an unwelcome surprise when a water main broke under the floor of their expansive division headquarters building. Fixtures and furniture were ruined; normal work routines interrupted. As industry leaders…

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