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Edgewell Personal Care

SCOPE Edgewell was breaking away from the Energizer brand and was looking for a space to show off their new identity. They wanted a magnetic environment for their employees. The workstations would be smaller but in return they would offer more private meeting spaces and open collaboration areas. Technology was enhanced and users could work in any…

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Unassigned Work Environments

More and more companies are adding in some unassigned work spaces to their environment. Coming from the old thought where you owned your space, filled it with personal pictures and tried to make it feel like home, this can be a confusing change for some people. Think about it like this, if you spent a…

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Amdocs – Richardson, TX

SCOPE Amdocs, the leading provider of customer experience solutions, was growing in their Richardson, TX location. They wanted a newer, more modern aesthetic, workspaces engineered to facilitate collaboration, and elements focused on employee well-being. They were after an environment completely different from what they are used to.   FACILITEC SOLUTION   Facilitec and Hwai Yang Architects…

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NISA Investment Advisors

SCOPE Employee recruitment, employee retention, company culture, health and wellness, and a magnetic space; these were all factors that were considered when NISA evaluated their space. They wanted a space that their employees wanted to come to each day and that would help them attract the best of the best.   FACILITEC SOLUTION St. Louis…

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Workplace Collaboration

What does the number 101,000,000 mean to you? For us and many companies, it is the number of results that appear in less than 1 second when you google search “Workplace Collaboration”. So how in the world do you know which pieces of information are right for you, especially when they all tell you something…

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